Nighthawk My Review of the Nighthawk Agent 2 9mm

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    Feb 25, 2016

    Nighthawk Agent 2 9mm,

    A collaboration between Nighthawk Agency Arms, Railscales and Hilbilly_223 Cerakote to create a Cyberpunk 1911.

    Fit and Finish

    This is my first Nighthawk Pistol and they have a different approach from Wilson and Les Baer. Both of those companies believe in a sort of production line of building. There is a slide to fit station, trigger station etc. Nighthawk prides themselves in being built by one gunsmith. So one gunsmith will build your pistol.

    Slide to frame fit.

    I tested this with only the frame and slide, with the barrel and bushing removed. Since some of the perceived tightness can come from the lockup of the barrel. The slide to frame fit tight, with no side to side or vertical play. When racking the pistol it feels like it’s on ball bearings. Recoil impulse is very smooth during the entire shooting process.

    Barrel and bushing

    Barrel locks up tight as it should be for this price point. Compared to Wilson, Nighthawk hard fits their barrels. The barrel locks up tight in the slide. Unlike the Baer’s I have shot and played with you do not feel a “bump” where you break the lockup. This could be due to pistol being chambered in 9mm. I’ve read in the past that Rob at Alchemy custom stated that 9mm doesn’t have the power to break a real tight lockup. The bushing can be removed without the use of a tool. You can see frosting at the end of the barrel where the bushing grabs the barrel in lockup.


    Trigger breaks a light 3.5 pounds. I believe this trigger is my favorite trigger out of my 1911 collection. It is light and very crisp. After shooting flat faced trigger over the older curved design, I now prefer the flat ones. I believe that I can repeatedly get a better pull with a flat face. The trigger is fit in the Agent 2 with zero play. Usually you get some slight vertical or side to side play. There is zero with this one which impressed me. This flat trigger is different from the ones I own or others on the market. It has a little ledge at the bottom. The point of this is to try and push your finger up to the center of the trigger. It works, both /u/snakebill and I were able to do it without even realizing we were doing it. Reset is audible and short, so you can really run this gun quick if you’d like.


    The finish is a grey Cerakote finish. It looks better in person. Has a nice gunmetal grey finish to it. Sadly Cerakote does not do well against abrasion. I noticed on the rail some of the finish is gone from mounting my Surefire X300. This is sorta disappointing but I did expect this for Cerakote. The Cerakote also has this brushed look to it. Really goes with the Cyberpunk theme of this pistol.

    Machine Work

    Agency really outdid themselves with all of the machine work they did. The cocking serrations really grab your fingers when racking, they call them “DNA Collectors”. They are not sharp to the touch but they are grippy. The front strap treatment is interesting, its smooth until you really squeeze it. Then you feel it engage your hand. The pistol stays planted in your hand under recoil. So it does it job alright.


    It’s a 9mm 1911 pistol with a rail. With the Remington 115 Grain range ammo it almost felt like shooting .22lr. I have not tried any of my reloads or defensive ammo for it but I’d expect the same result. Recoil impulse is smooth and light. It stays on target even under rapid fire. This was done with no WML mounted. I had zero reliability issues with this pistol.


    If you are looking for a pistol that will turn heads for better or for worse this is a top candidate. Nighthawk builds a incredible 1911. The one recurring theme I noticed with this pistol is it’s smoothness. When you take it out to the range all you want to do is keep shooting it. I had no problem blowing through 200 rounds in about 35 minutes with it. You will not be disappointed when you pick one of these up.
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    Sep 23, 2018
    Nice review, and great looking pistol.

  3. pcso13

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    Nov 25, 2018
    Nice looking pistol and sounds like you found a "keeper" for sure!
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    Jan 21, 2015
    I've only ever seen pictures of the overall gun so its interesting to see all the up-close shots of the machining and unique cuts they made. A very "busy" looking gun in my opinion, but I can appreciate the time and effort spent on the design and manufacturing.

    This also reminded me that I need to try out an extended slide release.
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  5. Barstool Aviator

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    Feb 25, 2016
    I thought it was a busy looking pistol too, until I saw I it in person. It looks way better in person then it does in photos.
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