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NEACA Gun Shows

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Anyone been?

There's one about 40 mins from me today, but definitely not wanting to take the drive just to find out it's one of these 10-table shows filled with cranky old bastards hawking whatever Army Surplus junk and pawnshop crap they haven't been able to sell at the last twenty shows, and mean-eyed yahoos asking 3X retail for Glocks and Hi-Points..... as seems to be the case with so many shows lately.

Any experience appreciated!
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Looks like I answered my own question lol;

I actually asked the guy - "Are you serious with this or are you just really living the sucker-born-every-minute mantra?" I asked him how many gun shows have come and gone with this beauty.... he did not grace me with any coherent answer.

$599 brand new with a warranty.... or...... $1,100 at the gun show lol


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I went to a little show just up the road a ways last spring, and spied a new Colt .38 Super, he only wanted $1700 for it, and it was the plain jane Government Model. Nothing fancy. I declined his kind offer and went home without anything.
Then, hardly a couple of months later, I found another new .38 Super at the local pawn/gun shop owned by a decent guy, and bought it for $20 less than MSRP. Same basic gun, just half the price of the gunshow goober. Patience is a wonderful thing. Then I saw another Super, a Gold Cup Lite, for only about $1400 at another shop. I let that one slide, it had a worse-than-typical Colt trigger, and it just didn't sing to me.
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