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Need Kimber advice

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Hey there y’all. I work in a sporting goods store and I’ve got an opportunity to interview for the handgun manager position. Obviously my job would be to sell guns, the problem is that I’ve become a real snob, especially about 1911’s and there isn’t really anything we stock that I would personally be interested in owning, except for maybe our limited selection of Dan Wesson’s or Wilson SFX 9’s, and those would be out of most people’s price range anyway. But we do stock a lot of Kimbers though. So I guess what I’m asking would be, is there anything positive I can say about Kimbers from a sales standpoint purely for the sake of moving product? I’m thinking about going with how the USMC briefly used a limited number of them until Colt was able to meet production requirements for the M45A1. Anything else? Thanks in advance.
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Not what I was expecting when I clicked on this thread. I thought you were having an issue (as many do) with a Kimber.

@The Dude post #4 says it best.
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