Negrini Gun Case- Customer Service A+++++

Discussion in '1911 Gear' started by DukeSoprano, Oct 27, 2018.

  1. DukeSoprano

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    Jan 17, 2013
    My story begins when I bought this case from azguy1911

    I love it! I admit im a case junkie and one of my projects this winter is to configure my big Pelican to hold a few of these Negrini cases and everything I need at the range.

    I was shopping for 2 more and saw them on sale at Brownells, clearance sale even, so I ordered 2.

    The one I bought from azguy had a beautiful plush lined interior

    The 2 I got from Brownells were a disappointing foam:

    Side by Side:

    Probably not a big deal to most people but I started searching and found out the 2 I ordered from brownells were 1 number model number off from the one I got from azguy.

    Ok my fault, but during my search for answers I went to the Negrini web site @ 930pm
    One of those annoying POP UP boxes showed up with what I assumed was a robot on the other end typing the generic "can I assist you"

    I typed in that I just purchased 2 cases and was not happy with the interior and was looking for model numbers and so on.

    The REAL person typed back asking what happened and I told him exactly what was going on.

    He said the 2 cases I just bought from Brownells were discontinued 3 years ago.

    I said, Thanks for the info and said I was sending them back to Brownells and buying some newer ones.

    The guy told me to send them back to them (USA location) and they replaced them with the new models!

    Great company and they make a wonderful case!
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  2. scottl

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    Jun 19, 2012
    Can't beat that

  3. 1L26

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    Feb 10, 2018
  4. boatdoc

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    Aug 3, 2015
    for all you do for others,this is karma coming back to reward you.

    ps I am a case junkie too.
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