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Discussion in 'Beginner's Corner' started by Jsw44, Oct 6, 2018.

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    First trip to range. Only had time for 100 rounds of Aguila fmj. Ran perfectly and appears to be pretty accurate. The rear sight notch may be a little wider than it needs to be for range work. I keep coming across the fully vs not supported barrel topic. Does this matter if Iā€™m only(for now) using factory ammo. Thanks
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    Oct 22, 2015

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    I do not think it matters unless you intend to constantly hot rod it. If you intend to keep the loads you use within Saami spec you will be fine. Compared to the cost savings of reloading(if you do) brass is cheap so replace as needed. Occasional use of hot ammo like Underwood will not hurt anything. I bought a plain Colt about 4 months before they brought out the Competition to test the 38 Super and enjoy it greatly. I just ordered a DW Commander in 38 Super and see this caliber as ideal for the next 30 years.
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    If you do have problems with a brand of 38 Super do a plunk test on the barrel during a field strip. The reason is I have found more variation in 38 Super than other rounds. This started years ago when I got into 38 Super after many years. I had traded into a used one in the 70s with about 500 rounds of fired brass and the reloading dies. It never impressed me and I traded it off after a year or so with with about 400 rounds of more fired brass and the reloading dies. No pictures. In 2009 I bought a 2009 XSE LW Commander from a friend. I was standing right behind him when he bought it and knowing he did not reload I reminded him ammo is a bit pricey for these. Anyway after a few months I bought it from him. It is in the middle with a 2006 XSE LW Commander in 45 on top and a 2015 XSE LW Commander in 9mm on the bottom


    It impressed me and I found out Colt started head spacing the 38 Super on the mouth of the case and not the semi rim around 1986 or so. I bought 38 Super reloading dies. One of the things I found out is there is a large variation in 38 Super ammo thus the suggestion of the "plunk test" earlier. Below a few brands and I thought an interesting way to show it was to try and drop them into Ruger 357 Blackhawk cylinders. One in SS from 2016 and one in blue from about 2004. By the way I tried every round in every "hole" and got the same result. So Magtech and Armscor dropped right in both cylinders. The one in the middle dropped in the SS cylinder but not quite the blued cylinder. With the American Eagle I think I could have forced it in either cylinder. With Remington forget it.


    Granted shooting 38 Super out of a 357 Ruger Blackhawk is sort of "end of the world" stuff and ammo bought months later from another lot number could vary but I thought this was interesting.

    In 2013 I did end up buying a new Colt "1991" in 38 Super. Lovely pistol no longer made.


    I would problably have more 38 Supers but then I got diverted by 10mm and later even 9mm (9x19). I still plan on getting a 38 Super, most likely in 5 inch all steel but want a fully adjustable rear sight or I might fit a 38 Super barrel to my 2017 Colt GCNM in 9mm.

    Anyway, and this is only of interest to those who reload, but years ago "Handloader" mag had an interesting article on "Glock bulge" in 40 S&W and suggested an undersized sizing die from EGW. Obviously this would also be useful in reloading 10mm. When I ordered one of those I noted EGW had one in 38 Super also so I ordered it too. Just a thought if you reload.
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