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Discussion in 'Autoloaders' started by JNW, Aug 5, 2020.

  1. JNW

    JNW Well-Known Member

    Apr 19, 2017
    47277B3F-CEE8-4C34-B9DB-22EEB2D25B14.jpeg 1316F0C2-C7B0-4456-8D33-98705F966FAE.jpeg I finally got a 97 in my hands. Took it directly to the range, added some oil to the rails and barrel, loaded the mags and shot it!!!! I love CZs. No loading the mags for days, no preshoot tear down and no malfunctions. Put in ammo and shoot!
    I brought my Kimber 9mm 1911 to shoot alongside it as I shoot a lot of 9mm 1911 and I’m very familiar with it. I must say the recoil with .45 CZ is very soft. I was shooting Freedom Munitions 200 gr HP which is a bit softer than standard 230 gr FMJ. I had Blazer 124 gr for the 1911. The trigger on the Kimber has had a little work and is very nice - just over 3 lb. The SA on the CZ is about 4.5 lb and not bad. I was able to shoot 3” groups at 21 feet and was pleased with this. It takes me awhile to get used to a new gun.
    I must say I like shooting the big CZ more than a 1911 in .45. I have big hands and the 97 fits me well. I’ll shoot it a bunch more and if I decide it stays in the stable, and I believe I will, I will add some goodies to it.
  2. CardiacColt68

    CardiacColt68 Well-Known Member

    Dec 17, 2015
    97b is a great gun. And even better gun for the money. Add some CGW features and it could be awesome. Sadly my little paws don’t fit it well. Enjoy.
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  3. slingerbelt

    slingerbelt Deer Magnet

    Aug 13, 2018
    I like all of my CZ's. The 45's are among my favorites.
    I have xl hands and it fits me great. The trigger curve is a bit weird for me and I get a blister at about 100 rounds. Mine hiccups a bit on lswc’s, but I think I need to run some more rounds through her.
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  4. pcar157

    pcar157 Well-Known Member

    Jan 22, 2019
    Jeff, are you planning a red dot on the 97 like you have on the Kimber?
  5. JNW

    JNW Well-Known Member

    Apr 19, 2017
    29AE2A61-EB68-4C41-A26E-9BA49F5F67EB.jpeg pcar,
    It will get a red dot. I'm trying to decide if I want a slide mount like the Kimber or a frame mount. I'm tempted to throw money at it and fundamentally turn it into a .45 ACP version of a TSO. This is my 9mm TSO and its AMAZING!
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  6. soverystout

    soverystout Well-Known Member

    Dec 26, 2019
    One of my favorite 45s. My hands are huge and the CZ97 BD fits my hands like a glove, if I could find gloves that fit. I have 2 of these 97BDs...
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  7. k38

    k38 Active Member

    Aug 4, 2014
    JNW, where'd you get those grips for the TSO?
  8. Greenrunner

    Greenrunner Well-Known Member

    Dec 11, 2017
    Those are probably Lok grips.
  9. cdhbrad

    cdhbrad Well-Known Member

    Nov 21, 2011
    If you want to have work done on it, get in touch with Cajun Gun Works. David built my 97B a few years back and, in addition to putting the Pro Package on it, I had the E Conversion- 1911 Bushing, conversion to SAO - same trigger as on your TSO, and an adjustable LPA/TRT sight mounted. Hard Chromed the frame too. It is an awesome SAO trigger, as good as any 1911 I have, and incredibly accurate.
    CGW can do a mount like the TSO or they can mill the slide to mount a red dot too. I sent them my CZ Custom Accu Lite and had it milled for a CMore. If you want the versatility of sights and a red dot, having the LPA/TRT rear sight installed with the frame mount for the red dot would be the way to go.
  10. Frank Black

    Frank Black Well-Known Member

    Apr 13, 2020
    The 97B makes a good base gun for a 10mm model: ;)


    IMG_0641.JPG IMG_0642.JPG

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  11. JNW

    JNW Well-Known Member

    Apr 19, 2017
    Those are indeed Lok grips with a palmswell. I have big hands and those are perfect for me. I don't like aluminum grips at all and don't see the point. They are expensive and have zero grip.
    I have been in touch with both CZC and CGW in the past about a 97 project. I'll go with Cajun. I've been dry firing it a bit this weekend and like it more and more.
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  12. JNW

    JNW Well-Known Member

    Apr 19, 2017
    Shot the 97 again today. It shoots high for me and a little left, but I’m still getting used to it. Shot it out to 50 feet and did well - for me. I rarely shoot open sights as I’m far sighted so shot this with my reading glasses on. I must say I kind of like the pretravel when shooting single action. Even though this is my only DA/SA pistol it is really easy to shoot well. There really is something to CZ ergonomics. Going to order some VZ palm swell Operator II grips in the morning.
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  13. JNW

    JNW Well-Known Member

    Apr 19, 2017
    I’m convinced Wilson Combat had a CZ 75 compact in their hands while developing the EDC X9.
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  14. JNW

    JNW Well-Known Member

    Apr 19, 2017

    Started buying accessories. Got a set of VZ palm swell Operator II grips for it. Not sure if I like them better than the Loks yet. Also got the prerequisite o-rings for dry firing.
  15. Adam13

    Adam13 Well-Known Member

    Jun 27, 2020
    I know nothing of CZ (minus an 82 I owned and sold) but man have I been looking at the shadow 9mm models....

    They seem like the perfect range gun. Or maybe nightstand gun?

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