New GI CCO 9mm vs WC ULC 9mm - Range Day

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  1. Matt Boykin

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    Feb 9, 2019
    44AD3A8C-CE25-481C-AC8A-C8A4DD012540.jpeg 2FDCCBE6-4FD3-4F5D-A4D4-06BB442937C0.jpeg

    Gun 1: My new Guncrafter Industries CCO LW 9mm.

    BCDFF6DD-C1D2-492B-9518-1BD4709A73EC.jpeg C9ADFF0D-1AC8-4A3E-8B19-236F70B69B6F.jpeg

    Gun 2: Wilson Combat ULC (ultra light carry) commander 9mm.

    02CBC654-E805-4D05-8CE2-BA522B5B635D.jpeg View attachment 256029

    Background: I have had my GI CCO about two weeks now. This was my second range visit with this gun. I have had my Wilson Combat ULC for about two years now and it has been my absolute favorite gun. It never misses a range visit. As for me, I shoot at the range some and if I'm lucky I get the chance to ring some steel. I have never done competition and consider myself an average shot at best. This is also the first CCO I have really shot as most of my experience has come with full size frames (or at least not officers) except for the G42 that I carry in warm weather.

    Function: Both guns ran absolutely flawless for a total of 300 rounds today. There wasn't a single malfunction today as expected. I was shooting some cheap ammo that included Winchester white box and used Wilson Combat mags in both guns.

    Feel: The feel of the guns is not a fair comparison as the WC is what I am used to and the combination that fits me perfect. The GI CCO feels great but I'm not as comfortable with it in my hands yet. I have average size hands and they fit well on the grip, but in my mind, I still know its shorter. However, the GI CCO did feel better than my WC when I shot them one handed. The WC has thicker more substantial feel to it than the GI. The GI has a good feel too as it has slim grips. I think this would come handy in allowing my trigger finger to get to the trigger with ease in a pinch.

    Recoil: No noticeable difference betweeen the two guns. I was able to get back on target after the shot with ease shooting both guns.

    Accuracy: This is where things get interesting.

    5 yards. I warmed-up with some 5 yard shots and was on with both of them. Center target.

    10 yards. WC- Elevation was really good on this one with the grouping being left of center.
    Fliers on quick point and shoot shots were strait low.

    GI- I was shooting this gun high but kept a similar grouping to the WC.
    Fliers here were on quick point and shoot went down and left.
    WC- bottom left GI- Bottom Right

    20-25 yards. WC- No contest here. I shot fairly well here.
    GI- Not even close. still high but no consistency in grouping at all.

    WC- top left GI- Top Right


    1 handed shots in the white area with no dots. WC on left and GI on right (I hardly ever shoot one handed as you can see)

    1 Handed. WC- was not pretty here. good enough for self defense but that's it.
    GI- I had a couple touching shots! (This was nice after the poor 25 yard shot)

    Conclusion of Accuracy:

    The Wilson Combat was more consistent all around for me today which is not a surprise because of my time behind that gun. The 25 yard shots where what really stood out. Maybe it's the feel of the larger frame or the sights on the gun but I was good with the WC and horrid with the GI. Maybe it the end of the range being dark vs my sights. The WC as a green fiber optic front and my GI has a black rear with a front night sight. Here is where it gets weird. I had more back to back shots that touched with the GI than the WC (inside of 20 yards obviously). I also shot my last 6 shots of the day at one of the numbers, with my CCO, and shot very well. These guns are tit for tat accuracy. I believe I failed the CCO on the 25 yarders.

    Last 6 shots of the day from the GI CCO on the #3


    Thoughts on my new toy (GI):

    I'm very happy with this gun. This gun could very easily be my cc once I get enough time with it. I can't wait to see what I can do with this gun once I get a true feel for the smaller frame. This is a light weight gun with a small frame that is meant to be carried and not a target shooter. With that in mind, GI has knocked a home run here. Ambi safety, easily controllable with one hand, short frame to conceal easier, and won't be too heavy on the belt. The function of this gun (still need to shoot more) should give me all the confidence I need carry. For you fit and finish people, I am not an expert so I don't want to get too far it, but I feel the GI is a tick better than the WC all around. The trigger feels a little more solid (i don't know how else to describe it), the slide to frame feels just a bit smoother, and the end cap for the spring is 100% level with the end of the barrel (this is actually pretty impressive in person).

    Which one?

    Cold dead hands comes to mind when I think about having to be without one. Wait, with these guns, they would still be warm live hands. I'd rather sell my dog than one of these guns (now that's the dog that pees on the floor, not the good dog). I'm still taking my WC ULC to the range with me every time, because after all, I am most comfortable with it. But, as soon as I get comfortable with my GI, I would carry it over the WC because of the ability to conceal. Especially if wearing a t-shirt.

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  2. Sneaky One

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    Aug 14, 2016
    Great write up. Both excellent guns. I own a ULC 5 in in 45 which is a very accurate gun. I own three GI's and they are equally as accurate. I do not own a lightweight GI but would love to. Congrats on your new GI !
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  3. azguy1911

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    Oct 22, 2015
    It was like I was reading an article in a major magazine, impressive observation and writing skills :):):)
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  4. InstiGator

    InstiGator Well-Known Member

    Jan 21, 2019
    Nice write up. These are my two favorite makers and I don't think you can go far wrong with either. It's all down to preference.
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  5. Matt Boykin

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    Feb 9, 2019
    Thanks guys! I’m going to try to get another post up soon on my visit to GI. But right now, it’s still not loading due to spam filters. I did put it up on the 1911 forum in the Guncrafter section the other day.
  6. Greenrunner

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    Dec 11, 2017
    If the grip size continues to feel off, you might consider a magwell. That solved the same problem I was having with a CCO size gun.
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  7. Matt Boykin

    Matt Boykin Member

    Feb 9, 2019
    Thanks for the advice. That’s a good heads up. A couple thousand rounds through and I should be able to determine if it’s the actual feel or just currently a mental problem of knowing it’s smaller.
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  8. InstiGator

    InstiGator Well-Known Member

    Jan 21, 2019
    Same here. A magwell on a compact frame fits my hand perfectly. It's still shorter than a full size frame, and I get another round by not using a flush fit mag. I like the Wilson round butt magwell.
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  9. AZ Husker

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    Oct 14, 2017
    I recently picked up a GI CCO also and shoot high with it too. There's another thread somewhere talking about GI's being set up with a six-o'clock hold. I'm used to POA so I'm either going to have to learn to use it (hate to because all my other pistols are different) or change the sites. I do have to say that although new, it feels and shoots as well or better than my Ed Browns.
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  10. Bender

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    Aug 15, 2011
    I moved away from the Wilson BWC because of the shorter grip frame. I couldn't shoot it worth a piss. I shoot a Commander much better than a CCO.
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  11. Greenrunner

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    Dec 11, 2017
    C4D3DC5C-5BCE-4A8A-95FB-0F7227082A96.jpeg 6C382DB2-7502-44D6-89AD-5BFE8B2684F6.jpeg Photos of a Wilson ULCC before magwell (bottom gun in top photo) and after magwell was attached, with mag inserted, to show the difference in grip length. I just slapped on a Wilson round butt magwell with no fitting.
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  12. boatdoc

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    Aug 3, 2015
    great thread. great guns. luck you

    enjoy the ride
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  13. Matt Boykin

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    Feb 9, 2019
    WC left GI on right

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  14. monadh

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    May 8, 2012
    Here's a thought. Put a magwell on the GI CCO. That will slightly lengthen the grip. My daughter has a Fusion Bantam with a magwell, and it makes all the difference in the world for her.
  15. Matt Boykin

    Matt Boykin Member

    Feb 9, 2019
    That’s a good thought. I’m going to shoot it one more time and see if it’s still high. If so, the first thing I will do is adjust elevation on my rear sight to my liking. After that, I plan to put a good number of rounds through it before I do anything else. I’m not disappointed in this gun at all, it’s just not the feel that I’m used to because it’s not the same size I’m used too. Just takes time.....and heck, maybe even a magwell at some point!
  16. Matt Boykin

    Matt Boykin Member

    Feb 9, 2019
    Following up with this review. I have been able to hit the range several times now with my CCO and as noted before, the ULC goes every time. I’m getting much more comfortable with the officers grip on the CCO. Even switching back and forth with the full size frame, I have seem to lose that mental stigma of the shorter frame. I put about 100 rounds through the CCO and the ULC. Both guns still flawless. I really do love racking a round in the GI though. There is a smooth and solid feeling that is unique with it. I was shooting off of a 1 story deck today at a 10” diameter steel plate. The plate was set about 25-30 yards. My final mags of the day I was getting hits on 1/2 of my shots with the CCO and just under 1/2 with the ULC. Looking forward to more time with both these guns. I can see myself getting comfortable enough to order a holster for it in the future.
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