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Hello Everyone,

Glad to have been allowed to join this forum!

I've been a competitive rifle shooter since 1976 when I was eight years old. I've participated in lots of different types of competition including CMP, International Three Position Rifle, Rifle Silhouette of many types, but have finally settled on black powder cartridge rifles for Silhouette and Long Range Competition. I've never been much of a "black rifle" or "black pistol" guy as evidenced by my preference of old single shot rifles. I think "black" firearms are useful as tools much like a shovel is a tool. These "tools" served me well in Iraq. But, they just don't have the character of the older guns in my eye. Same goes for pistols. There are a lot of good pistols out there that are designed for many different applications, but nothing tickles my fancy like a good 1911. I've never used a pistol for anything other than defensive carry and though I've tried many types, I inevitably came back to the venerable 1911. My 1911 bug was revived recently with a purchase of a Dan Wesson Vigil CCO in .45 cal. It has been a tack driver and such a joy to shoot that it has rekindled my interest in learning more about 1911's.

It looks like there are a lot of good people with a lot of knowledge about 1911s on this forum and I hope I can learn from all of your experience!

Best Regards,

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