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Hi, new member here.

Searching for a commander-size light-weight 38 super (and options to convert a 9mm to 38S) -- brought me here.

Looking forward to learn more about the 1911 platform.
I have STI LS9, so that hooked me on 1911 platform, although I realize it is not internally a 1911.
Started with a high power till Mike Harries talked me into swapping for an IPSC tuned series 70 over 40 years ago. In the early 80s got my first LWC. a year or so I bought a Dan Wesson Guardian. Absolutely LOVE IT. best out of the box price point for a 1911 that is more in keeping with a 1911 the way I like them. Good fit and finish, checkered, great trigger. I do love the Bobtail. Duty Coat is tough and durable. For a 38 super conversion you want a really good gunsmith and I prefer ramped barrels for 9mm.

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