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I was part of 1911forum.com when a prominent member told me that this forum has a considerably larger presence so I decided to join.

Have been into 1911's my entire adult life.

I've owned;
Smith and Wesson full size stainless
Smith and Wesson commander PD model
Sig Sauer Scorpion commander

I currently own;
1944 Remington Rand
STI Staccato P DUO
STI DVC-L Blackout Island (actually waiting for this to get my FFL)

I own a lot of rifles as well and used to compete in CMP (NRA High Power)

Since I've gotten my Staccato P I've really gotten back into shooting pistols. It's feels like it did when I was a kid so it's been exciting and I'm having a lot of fun. Most of my time will most likely be spent in the STI/2011 section.

I look forward to helping where I can and getting schooled where I cant.

I'm a terminal 1911 Addict!
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