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I’m the original owner of this gleaming, new-old-stock stainless Guncrafter No Name 6” Longslide .45 and it comes with everything you see in the first picture: black GI logo range bag, black GI logo towel, test target, Lifetime Satisfaction Assurance certificate which includes free annual factory check-ups, two Wilson Combat 8 round mags and guide rod removal tool. Due to some physical issues I never got to fire it. The long list of attractive features includes:

Stainless finish with polished flats
Scalloped and serrated top of slide
Lowered and flaired ejection port
High cut finger groove below trigger guard
Checkered front strap
Checkered rear of MSH
One piece full magwell
Fully adjustable rear target sight
Finely serrated rear of sight
Fiber optic front sight
Dual sided thumb safety
Crosshatched side of slide release lever
Beveled and flush cut slide release shaft
Extra wide spaced rear cocking serrations
No front cocking serrations
Naked slide with round GI logo at rear of right side
Deep crowned and flush cut barrel
Full length guide rod
Heavy duty beveled barrel bushing with GI stamping
Ball milled slide end cuts
Gray two-tone Frag grips

If you’re going to target shoot with a .45, the 6” barrel will increase accuracy by reducing muzzle flip and providing a longer sight radius from rear to front. Plus, this beauty will make you a rock star at the range! The full package, $2995 shipped. And to make that easier to swallow, I can offer 3 or 4 equal payments over the same number of months. I accept PayPal, USPS Money Order, cashiers check and personal check with time to clear. Thanks for looking.


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Hey Bill, How are you doing brother.

Dang I'd love to own this one. Wish we could move it across the state line to Texas.

Buddy, GLWS, it's really gorgeous.

Jim D.
SE Texas
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