New shooter target (young boy with a .22 or a lady with a new .38sp snubby)

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by ButchA, Feb 24, 2019.

  1. ButchA

    ButchA Well-Known Member

    Dec 10, 2016
    I was thinking about brand new target shooters and ways to try and help them out. I reflected back on my own childhood with my dad and my old Marlin 60 .22lr rifle (everyone has had one of those!), and how my dad helped me when I was a kid. So, I got creative again in Photoshop and made a new target designed for brand new shooters. Feel free to download this, print it out on white cardstock paper, and take your kid out target shooting, take your grandson out shooting with a little .22 rifle like everyone has back in the day. Keep the tradition going...

    What do you think of this idea for a target (complete with a confidence boosting message at the top)??

  2. Old Sea Dragon

    Old Sea Dragon Well-Known Member

    Feb 10, 2018

  3. ButchA

    ButchA Well-Known Member

    Dec 10, 2016
    Thanks, I had the idea of a funny message at the top, like those NFL segments on ESPN a few years ago when they'd have those hilarious "C'mon man" clips! LOL... :D
  4. 41 Charlie

    41 Charlie Get off my lawn...

    Feb 4, 2014
    Very nice, Butch! And I really like the “Keep the tradition going” thing!
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  5. john_anch_ak

    john_anch_ak Well-Known Member Supporting Addict

    Mar 7, 2017
  6. isialk

    isialk Well-Known Member Supporting Addict

    Jan 7, 2017
    Good deal Butch! Thanks for sharing. It should help my grandson. He’s using his BB gun on the range I made him in the basement. He’s ten but he tends to over think it. He’ll aim and aim for so long you can see him trembling. Maybe if he just concentrates on keeping it inside the 7 ring, he won’t try to be so fine.

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  7. xerts1191

    xerts1191 Well-Known Member

    Aug 12, 2017
    One of the stupid things I’ve done in my life selling my 60
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  8. ButchA

    ButchA Well-Known Member

    Dec 10, 2016
    I still have mine (well, now it's owned by my daughter, who (at age 16) outshot me with it back in the day!).

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