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Discussion in 'Open Mic' started by limbkiller, Aug 14, 2020.

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    A new soldier was on sentry duty at the main gate. His orders were
    clear; no car was to enter unless it had a special sticker on the
    windshield. A big Army car came up with a general seated in the back.

    The sentry said, "Halt, who goes there?"

    The chauffeur, a corporal, says, "General Wheeler."

    "I'm sorry, I can't let you through. You've got to have a sticker
    on the windshield."

    The general said, "Drive on!"

    The sentry said, "Hold it! You really can't come through. I have
    orders to shoot if you try driving in without a sticker."

    The general repeated, "I'm telling you, son, drive on."

    The sentry walked up to the rear window and said, "General, I'm new
    at this. Do I shoot you or the driver?"
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    Sep 18, 2019
    Shoot 'em both. Let God sort it out. :D
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    Jul 13, 2019
    I'm with Caspian!!!!
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    Leave no witnesses.
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    Not to steal this thread, but at some point I was part of a team in the Army that visited this particular post where special items were stored. When an alert went up, we were asked to help with guarding the front gate. We took up out position. Not long after, a generals car did something similar. The Sgt of the gate had no problem telling the general that no one was allowed until the alert cleared and that there was a different unit deployed to reinforce the gate and had a different loadout that would have no problem carrying out the orders. As the Generals dog robber got out and proceeded to rip the Sgt apart, one of our guys kid of moseyed up to the car and was casually walking around it. The Dog robber asked him what he was doing. He mentioned he was looking at the car and hollered back that it was no problem, the AP was going to go through that no problem and we didn’t even need the LAWS (rockets)! The dog robber swallowed hard and got in the car post haste.

    Alert cleared and as we were collecting our gear the car in question drove past and no one even acknowledged out presence.

    Short time later the CO comes up and says “you a-holes just had to fudge with a General”. That was the last we heard of it.
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    Apr 8, 2020
    Another true story. The airframe of the SR-71 Blackbird was declassified in the late 70's, early 80's, although capabilities and systems remain classified. The PAO could approve or give tours but information release was graded according to security classification of the guests involved. Upon arrival at ramp at the appointed time, the guide, be it someone from the PAO, or someone else, would show the approval letter to the Security Police at the gate, who would call the Expediter truck who would verify which acft could be seen based on the security level in the letter. The lower the level, the more the acft had to be buttoned up. He would then drive across the ramp to the particular hanger and verify the plane was secured to that level before allowing the tour to proceed. Whoever was in the hanger would then be briefed on the sec. lvl. of the tour and move stands and nacelle plugs as required.
    One day, a LT from the PAO showed up with a Col and his aide, either a Maj or Capt for a mid-level tour and had been briefed that although that acft was being worked on, they could only see what they were allowed to see. The crew chief working the acft while the tour was going on, left the cockpit open while he climbed down to grab tools from his box to continue his task. While rummaging, he heard the LT tell his guests to go on up, it will be all right. He turned around and told them to come down, that's not approved in IAW the letter. The Col stopped and started to turn around. The LT told the guests it's fine and started to berate the crew chief for interrupting. The crew chief then ran out the front of the hanger, hollering "Helping Hand!!" over and over. I'm told the Col pulled the Maj down to the ramp. past the LT still standing on the cockpit stand, and stood there waiting for what is coming. :o.o:
    All 3 ended up on their bellies with M-16s aggressively visible.

    The crew chief apparently got a commendation letter signed by Wing CMDR, Sqd CMDR, and the Col since he did his job
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