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Which safety would you choose?

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Do you mean keep the existing safety? My issue is that it needs to be de-horned, and I'd prefer to keep the stock part in case a future buyer (if I ever decide to sell) wants the original.
I was being a bit of a smart ass. I have the bulletproof on one of my guns & it works great. I have the stock EGW on my Specialist, as well as 2 other 1911s. I very much prefer the EGW. None of mine have issues with horns. I would not be happy if they did. As far as appearances, I think the Wilson Wide Comp safety matches the lines of the slide stop better than the bulletproof. The Bulletproof is much more rounded off. not that it effects function, but just something to think about... Best of luck!
1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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