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Which safety would you choose?

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do you all feel that a larger paddle gets depressed harder?

I have very large hands and use a strong grip. It does not help with the sharp edge inside lug of the thumb safety.

I did this with a large paddle EGW where it peened some metal in and out. I actually caught myself pressing down hard on the thumb safety.

I went back to the factory set up (ambi) but the weak connection between the two sides are loosening up. Part of me wants to reduce my paddle width on the EGW and go back to that one.

anyone do this to a frame?

you can see the peened area in this image with the TS installed

That is a common area to peen with any thumb safety. @pistolwretch has posted pictures adding material to the thumb safety in the area that contacts he frame window and re shaping to have a smoother radius to not dig into the frame.
1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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