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Not a native, but here for the climate, clean/green/lack of crime and social strife. I own and carry a N/H T3T 9mm, and have another T3T .45 in my safe with less than 50 rounds thru it. Both shoot one hole (NH test fire), and even with my tired old eyes both shoot under 2" off a sandbag at 20+ yards. From an accuracy standpoint the 9mm prefers 115gr, and the 45 likes 230gr, other than that they aren't the least bit fussy. I've owned a number of high end weapons over the years but have never had any that even came close to the accuracy, reliability, quality, and customer support that N/H provides (Wilson excepted). After years of competitive shooting I've learned that you get what you pay for, and it doesn't get any better than N/H. The T3T's balance and shoot better for me which is why I carry one. I retired as a Fed Narc and now am back to work as an Investigator for the County SO. My gratitude to the forum administrator who helped me get registered.
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