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New to me: WC CQB compact!

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Very exciting day today!
I recently purchased this Wilson from a member here on the forum and I couldn’t be happier. Beautiful fit and finish, and I really like the two tone. This is my first “semi custom” and the feel of the slide and you rack it back just sets itself apart. I actually have always used the Novak style 3 dot sights, so this is new for me with the U notch rear and thin front and man it’s almost as if it’s just natural to line it all up without even trying. I’ve come a long way from the GI crap and 3 dot! I’ve entered…a whole new world and now I have a problem 😂 I need more money!

I did run into a beautiful nighthawk at the LGS, it was gray and railed government in 9mm. And boy, I just had to walk my butt right out of there.
Anyways, this is definitely the 1st of hopefully many! Thanks again SMK for the wonderful first addict classified exprience!

ah forgot to mention, while I was picking it up, a 1911a1 tisas was just checked in as well. For the price I snatched it up too after seeing all the reviews. Really impressed with it. I’ll do a report on it after I shoot it. Wanna make a indoor range in my shop first! Also after talking with WC, I got a flat spring kit for the colt classic and a WC mag.
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That's a beautiful two/tone, well done (y)

Wipe it down every night with a Wilson silicon cloth and you'll be fine, carry it, life is to short not to.
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