Next Project: Big Brother for the Twins

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  1. Melter942

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    Sep 22, 2011
    I've been wanting to add a third to my "EDC Twins", a big brother per se. I happened upon a lightly used R.O. Compact at the LGS and grabbed it for a good price.
    This one will require all of the same modifications as the first two, plus "silvering" of the slide. I'm guessing hard chrome. Any other suggestions?



    Starting at the muzzle, we'll need to flush cut and crown the barrel, install and blend a gold bead front sight, and ball cut the slide to match the others.
    Moving back and down, a 10-8 flat trigger (and action tune) along with ball cut serrations on the front grip strap will be in order.

    4.JPG Top down from the driver's seat, a 10-8 rear sight is needed, along with SA's "GI Style" single side thumb safety. Replacing the ILS mainspring housing with a non-ILS that also has the ball cut serrations will be required.

    I was a bit concerned about matching Larry Davidson's 4 x 4 G-10 grips, so I contacted Michael Gailey at SGM and was really surprised and happy to learn that Michael has worked out a deal with Larry and is making any and ALL of the original Monkey Grips to Larry's original specs. How cool is that?

    I'm thinking this one will be sent to SACS for the work, as they did the other two. I'm anxious to get it started.
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    Jul 4, 2013
    That's a nice trio.
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  3. Sneaky One

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    Aug 14, 2016
    Very nice sir.......
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