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NHC Agent 2 9mm Smoked Nitride for Same in .45/10mm

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A long shot here but have a beautiful smoked nitride NHC Agent 2 in 9mm that I'd like to trade for the same gun but in .45 or ideally, 10mm. Won't know unless you try!

Really not interested in other finishes.

I purchased the gun from another member here and the previous listing for it can be seen here: SOLD - NightHawk Custom Agent 2 - 9mm

The gun has not been fired since the listing above. Any specs, nicks, etc or just a bit of lint. Gun is minty.

Stunning and very well fit gun as I've come to expect from NHC.

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If you squint just right my 10mm Predator kind of looks like a Agent 2…
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Man now that’s sweet! GLWS
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