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NHC Double Stack - single pic rail slot - light alignments

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With its single 1913 slot has anyone run into light compatibility issues?

It appears the two most popular the TLR-1 and X300 are fine but what about other options?

Anyone have any experience with the Streamlight TLR-9 (flex)? I think the slim elongated profile of the TLR-9 and 1k lumens would be a smart looking and well performing option, just worried about its alignment on the doublestack rail relative to the trigger guard
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I run the X300 because it aligns perfectly with the end of the slide
TLR-9 (flex) is a winner for the NHC Double Stacks.

TLR-9 is a flush fit with the end of the slide. What's also as good is with its inline batteries its pretty thin keeping true to the 1911/2011 slide. Its not fat like the X300 or TLR-1 models with their side by side batteries.

TLR-9 also has great lines in profile which add to the look of those Sandhawks, TRS Comps, and BDS9s, I was never a fan of the X300 or TLR-1 ups and downs.

TLR-9 with its inline batteries loads from the front so you don't need to remove the unit to change batteries.

I prefer the TRL-9 switches (like the TLR-7) to the X300 or TLR-1 so that's a bonus.

With its 1k Lumen,10k candela, 200m distance its no slouch for a pistol mounted light.
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