SOLD NIB Kimber NRA Protector, 45, 5" RB, Custom serrations, sights, and finish

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    Oct 8, 2015
    So, a local customer of over 10 years and a man I would call a friend, came to me to help him with a problem. His problem is personal so I will not delve into that, but luckily it is a problem money can solve. He has been a gun accumulator for 40+ years, and has a lot of nice stuff. 100-200 Guns will likely be liquidated in this purge and I will be brokering as many as possible for him in the coming weeks, you gents & ladies will get first crack, they will go to Gunbroker penny auction after a few days here. As this is a fund raising mission for him, trades are wholly off the table on these guns, and short (30 day or less) layaways are an option. I will try to price them according to the current market, please feel free to make offers, please do not make offers if you are not ready to buy if it is accepted. I will dribble a few a day in here and hopefully we can connect on a few.

    Thanks, from him, and me.

    This Is another FNRA exclusive, Gray finish, fiber optic sights, Original advert from FNRA, Round Butt, New in box with one mag

    $1050 OBO Shipped

    IMG_3536.JPG IMG_3537.JPG IMG_3538.JPG IMG_3539.JPG IMG_3540.JPG IMG_3541.JPG IMG_3542.JPG IMG_3543.JPG IMG_3544.JPG IMG_3545.JPG
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    Nov 1, 2014
    That is interesting Nice.
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    Feb 2, 2018
    I am an aficionado of gray guns and round butts..
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