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Well, technically its a Government model as Colt let the new guy run the roll marking station that day :)

But this gun sure looks and feels like a Novaks job, unmarked, but I cannot find another shop that does the directional stipple/matte work like this one outside of Parkersburg WV.

From the top
-Novak Night Sights front and rear (dead)
-Match barrel bushing fit nicely to the Colt pipe
-FLGR setup with improved Officers plug and dual spring setup
-Great carry bevel on all
-Short match trigger fit
-Tool steel ignition bits
-S&A beavertail
-Gunsite low Thumb safety
-Steel checkered MSH
-Stippled front strap and trigger guard
-magwell beveled

Will com with 'dress and work shoes' Walnut combat checkered grips on it, and the Carbon Creations smoothies. Gun is very clean and looks to be low miles since the work. There are some scattered handling guffs in the matte stainless finish but nothing of depth.

One Wilson mag, after I took these pics I shot a mixed mag (ball JHP SWC) and it digested it all seamlessly, and is probably one of the 'surest' feeling OACP's I have ever shot in recoil and feeding feel

$1911 Shipped

Trigger Air gun Gun barrel Gun accessory Everyday carry
Material property Trigger Gun barrel Creative arts Rectangle
Wood Everyday carry Material property Air gun Gun barrel
Wood Material property Rectangle Bag Strap
Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Everyday carry Gun accessory
Trigger Red Material property Gun barrel Air gun
Automotive exterior Wood Automotive design Hood Bumper
Wood Material property Tints and shades Household hardware Bumper

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One last try before it goes to auction tonight -- $1545 Shipped!
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