Nighthawk Nighthawk 10mm, Sig P210, Christensen A5 9mm, Browning Hi-Power

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    I didn't photograph or measure any of my groups or any parts of my anatomy, sorry. However, I did have a good day at the range today and will share some of my thoughts.

    Nighthawk Custom 5" 1911 10mm: No issues at all today. Shot nice tight groups when my focus wasn't wandering, which is my biggest problem. Also, when I first shot this, I felt the grip safety would jam into the flesh at the base of my thumb, but I don't perceive that any more, either because I'm holding it differently or am just numb. Magtech and S&B are both owned by the same company; I can't tell if I prefer one over the other; I'm not even sure there's any difference. Overall, I've been very happy with 180gr FMJ 10mm from both. Of course, not loaded as hot as Underwood or even, Sig Sauer. As I have mentioned previously, this Nighthawk will lock back even with rounds in magazine with Sig Sauer V-Crown--not all the time, but sometimes. Not sure why this is.

    Browning Hi-Power Stainless 9mm: I bought this used and it apparently had some work done on it. For one thing, somebody removed the magazine safety. It shoots very nicely. However, I started getting a few failure to fires. On the first one, I thought it was a dud: the primer had what looked like a good dent, but then it happened 3 more times, so I am starting to wonder if the hammer spring isn't strong enough. Or, I could have had a bad batch of S&B 9mm 115gr FMJ. Generally, though I love this ammo. It generally works great (as well as any 9mm FMJ I have tried) and I can get it for about $8/box at Outdoor Limited (which I love as a source of ammo, and no I don't have any financial ties to them or get any kind of reward for praising them).

    Sig USA-made P210 Target: I love this gun. It is accurate, attractive, functions as flawlessly as any gun I've owned. It balances well in my hand. Because it isn't as heavy as some pistols such as my CZ Shadow 2, I wouldn't necessarily pick it for rapid-fire, but brings me joy to put round after round through that bullseye with it. The quality, fit, and finish all seem excellent. I've never handled a Swiss or German P210, so I can't really say whether they are even better. I know the USA-made model has differences in its mechanism, so it really isn't the same gun, but I'm not a purist.

    Christensen Arms A5 1911 in 9mm: The kinks seem to have been worked out of it. A Wilson Combat magazine has basically resolved the issue where especially the first round from the magazine would jam into the feed ramp, instead of the chamber. The other issue was that the rear fixed sight was slightly loose and worked its way over to the right. Eventually I got that addressed, and now it shoots horizontally where I aim it, but still shoots high. I don't really think the sights are bad, but they're not ideal for my purposes. There is a lot of daylight on either side of the front-sight. Also, the front-sight is round on top and the rear notch is round on the bottom. I know this makes target acquisition faster for tactical folks, but it makes precision bullseye shooting more challenging.

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