Nighthawk and The Barrel Fit Challenge

Discussion in 'General 1911 talk' started by Au Jus in Bello, Sep 30, 2020.

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    Jun 21, 2020
    I'm not totally sure on that. I know that AXI mentions in one video they got a gun back with 80,000 rounds through it with no discernable degradation of slide to frame fit or accuracy. I haven't seen one of their barrel fits, but I'd assume it's pretty solid.

    Your average Wilson or NHC? Probably might start to lose a little bit of accuracy around the 40-50k round count mark. That being said, if you did have a gun with that high of round count and started to lose accuracy, WC or NHC would likely rebuild it for you under warranty. I've at least heard of WC doing so in a few cases.

    I agree that doing it right is preferred. But that's not to say some of the other shops are doing it wrong. They're building guns for a different purpose usually, and many shooters don't like that initial hard lock-up of some of the super-tight tolerance guns.

    It's just a different methodology. Ed Brown used to say 'tight doesn't mean it's right" in his FAQ section. Of course, he also said never shoot a gun to slide lock, at least in competition. Every builder has their nuances and beliefs on the best way to do something.
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    Go down the rabbit hole that is labeled “hard fit”........just because it’s done, it don’t mean it’s right
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    This again... how many times can this same type of thread be called something new?

    I recommend reading Joes barrel fit challenge thread... all of it. Digest it and reread if needed.

    Then, decide if you buy into the philosophy... at the heart of it, building a marvel style gun. It’s obvious at this point that this isn’t the eNd all be all-100% only way folks believe that barrels can be fit.

    Maybe you truly believe hard fit is the way. Maybe you think it’s all bs. Maybe you think that the very original design of how JMB did it and intended for it to be, is correct... and since he is a God amongst mortals, his way is the only true way.

    At the end of the day, decide what you want to believe (or not believe) and then just be consistent with your quest for perfection. IMO the proof is always in the pudding... but, hey that’s just me.
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    Joe mentions in Modcast that he’s seen a Camp Perry gun with 50% lower lug contact take it home. Further elaborates that properly fitted barrels will increase the longevity of accuracy, consistency, and change the recoil impulse for the better. 50% contact is more accurate than most people will ever be (presuming everything else is correct). I am paraphrasing of course, it is 8hrs long.

    I would be jumping up and down with happiness if some of my semi-customs had 100% contact like that NHC. There are some expensive guns in that thread that don’t hold a candle to what NHC posted.

    A Joe or Dave gun would be great; but I wouldn’t be any less happy with a NHC.
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    Aug 15, 2011
    Guess Joe would have to comment, but I’m seeing a hard fit barrel. It does not have “100% contact”
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