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So here we are, another new to me gun another review of sorts. I’ll admit, I’m getting old, my wrist and elbows are kind of beat up. Well I do have a 45 or two for Cary and defense, I am turning more towards 9 mm for arranging target use. This is how i’ve gotten to where I am right now…….

Ok, just picked up this 9mm commander Nighthawk Classic. I did pick this one up in trade, it is a very well taken care of, very low round count, previously owned pistol. This is my 1st Commander from NHC, I’m digging it thus far. A few years ago I bought stainless Classic when they first hit the market, stunning pistol. Many features that I simply love, thumb safety & slide stop are the Harrison style, black notch rear sight, gold bead front, round butt, these are a few of my favorite attributes.

First off, I gotta say, I do have quite a bit of admiration for Nighthawk. I like the way they treat their customers, I like their panache, and I have a great deal respect for Mr. Stone. So yes, I guess I could say I’m a fan boy. However, it’s a product that I’ve come to like, I’ve come to know, and I’ve seen them being built.

The Commander Ive recently acquired is a stainless classic. This model comes with a bunch of wonderful features.

  • Arrow top, serrated slide
  • Slide border cuts
  • Gold dot front sight, u-notch rear
  • Harrison style slide stop and thumb safety
  • Flushed slide stop pin, beveled frame
  • Flushed and beveled barrel crown
  • Medium trigger
  • Serrated rear of slide
  • Round butt frame & MSH
  • Thick barrel bushing
  • NHC script at rear of slide
  • Fluted barrel hood
  • 9mm

Here are my overall thoughts about features and components.

- Grips: It currently wears grips with the Nighthawk medallions. They don’t have a good amount of grip, I’m neutral with the looks, they will be changed at some point.

-Grip Screws: Don’t particularly care for Torx screws. They tend to collect debris and perspiration & corrosion. I’ll eventually replace them. May leave them as stainless.

- Finish: The stainless finish they use is awesome, matte and brushed.

- Front and Back Strap: 25 LPI, perfect amount of grip, IMO. Much less abrasive than 20 LPI, but I like 20 lpi as well.

- Frame Slide To slide. The blend at the heel is perfect! No complaints there at all.

- Frame slide flit: Very tight, no perceived play at all, very smooth.

- Slide Stop: Simply stunning! I love the Harrison style slide stop. Smooth without any texture, the shape its self allows this. Very smooth, very ergonomic. Has the small groove that prevents the idiot scratch. However, it is of a non traditional shape, some will not like this.

- Thumb Safety: Same as the slide stop, works extremely well. The thumb safety is on the perfect arc for shooting thumb over, for me. Radius of the thumb safety matches the frame very well when in the off position. When flipped to the safe position, none of the frame hole is exposed. This is something that bugs me on other pistols. An exposed opening allowing lint and debris directly into the sear area is an idea that drives me nuts. Awesome snick/snack activation.

- Barrel and crown: Great fit. Barrel is flushed and beveled. Overall work is excellent.....did well with the Barrel Fit Challenge. Are we even still discussing this since Joe left?

- Trigger: Trigger break is excellent. It is a solid, curved medium. Very crisp break, no scale available but it’s in the 4-4.25# break. Just a hair of pre-travel, little or no perceived over travel. Great reset, short and deliberate.

- Sear/Disconnector/Hammer/firing pin: Typical bits and pieces for a semi-custom. No issues.

- Grip Safety: Perfectly fitted, and works well. Not as well fit as a custom build, but better than many I have seen from other semi-custom builders. No complaints what so ever.

- Under-cut Trigger guard: I like it. Not cut as far as many, but higher than a standard Colt trigger guard. Just enough for a great grip, perfect balance of aesthetics and function.

- Bevel: The carry bevel on the slide is very nicely done. Just enough to work well, very even.

-Slide ball cuts are perfect, align perfectly with frame, very smooth cuts.

- Slide border cuts, despise them being called “French cuts”

- Ejection port cut: It's of the standard variety looks a great deal like a Wilson cut.

- Front sight: Gold bead front sight, works well.

- Rear sight: This is one of the best rears I've seen, for a factory sight. Business End Customs is the only better sights that I have seen. The serrations are very fine, reduce any glare to nil. And it uses 2 set screws.

- MSH: High quality housing, fits extremely well. Round butt is awesome, think mini bobtail.

- Mag catch: Typical semi custom part. Nicely beveled, grippy but does not snag.

- Magwell bevel: Average for a semi custom pistol.

- Round butt cut is as nicely done as any. I feel it is a great feature for carry.

That's about all i can think of stating. I have owned many of the semi-customs, quality is right there with all the popular makers. The overall build oozes quality with the finish and lack of machine, sanding or file marks.

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Great overview / impressions and great pictures 👍you guys can really photograph on this forum
Thanks for taking the time for the write up
Beautiful pistol 🤩
I’ll tell you this, as far as the pictures or concerned. They were taken in the living room, blinds, partially open to allowing indirect natural light. Didn’t use a camera simply use my phone, no filter, no enhancement. All I did was crop and I darkened the edges of the pictures.
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