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This is a great Pure Kustom holster molded for a Nighthawk Counselor. Other than breaking it in for my Counselor, I have not carried in it for more than a day. This builder uses a multi-step process to turn leather into a very stiff shell. It is a very nice holster, and I wish I could use it, but I am too damned skinny around the waist (30 inches) and this is too wide and won't flex to fit my girlish figure. I'll let you more manly folk have a crack at it for $150.00 shipped. You won't be disappointed! For a right-handed shooter and no optic cut.

Metal Auto part Artifact Font Fashion accessory

Metal Fashion accessory Leather Personal protective equipment Auto part
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Hahah Rocky is the BEST!!

I know the feeling about carrying concealed IWB.. or at least I did until I hit my 43rd Bday and somehow gained 30lbs all at once and can't get rid of it!!

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Does the 3.5" Counselor barrel extend out the bottom at all? I've got a 3" Defender on the way and am curious to know how it might fit in this. BTW, it's fitting that you'd own a Counselor, counselor. No pun intended but the irony is. :)
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