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Nighthawk Custom Colt Work??

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Ok guys, yesterday I purchased my first ever Colt. It's my birth year 1979 Combat Commander in 45 acp. I tried to search for older builds but didn't really find what I was looking for. I'd like to know if you've sent your Colt in to NHC, what did you have done? Was it mostly cosmetics or functional as well? Are there things looking back now that you wish you'd done differently?

I've got a list of things that will be must haves for me but I don't want to get it back and realize I forgot something. So please if you've sent a Colt in to them, share your experience. If you still have your build sheets I'd love to see those along with pictures of said gun as well. Thanks for any knowledge or help you can lend!
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... When they do the IOS does it include a rear sight standard part like their pistols?!
My IOS question is about the fitment and appearance with the iron sight after the cut on a Colt...anyone got a picture?
I just optioned out a [email protected]$2900 on a commander w/DLC....It's not a end..
Its the starting point...you speak to a pro at getting what you want....I didn't see rear slde/frame serrations but bet I'll you can have them...just sayin'.
Widow shopping only,lol.
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