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Hello fellow addicts,

This posting is one that was very difficult for me to make. Not long ago I sent my wish list over to Nighthawk Custom to have my dream 1911 built. I chose the Government frame Shadow Hawk in 9mm with a Recon Rail and Bambi safety. I received it after a couple months and instantly fell in love with the superb quality of the pistol and how soft and smooth it was to shoot. Over the next year I ran about 4,000 flawless rounds through it. It hardly ever left my side and I couldn’t help but to admire the craftsmanship every time I looked at it. This is a Joey Lehr build.

Earlier this year I sent it back to Nighthawk to have a few things done to it. Those changes include the following:
  • Replace flat trigger with tri-cavity curved trigger
  • Mill slide for IOS and add RMR plate
  • Tune grip safety for earlier disengagement
  • Engrave Moon Hawk on left side of slide, behind rear serrations
  • DLC entire pistol and threaded barrel
  • Replace ambi safety with left side only
  • Carbon fiber Agent 2 grips
It took a fair amount of time but once I received the Shadow Hawk back, it was even better than I had hoped for. I mounted the RMR and it is the best pistol I have ever used. This pistol is ready for anything, including running suppressed with the extra hand fit threaded barrel. This is an exceptional handgun!

Unfortunately I have recently experienced an unexpected change in jobs which is the only reason I have had to make the difficult decision to part with this work of art. I have a significant amount of money invested in this pistol and I would like to get a fair amount for it as it has been taken care of very well and is a phenomenal pistol that can be handed down for generations. Please see below for the breakdown of what I have into this Nighthawk.

$3,700 Base Shadow Hawk 9mm Government
$100 Recon Rail
$120 Ambi Safety
$440 Fitted Threaded Barrel
$0 3 Dot Tritium Sights
$50 Laser Engrave Moonhawk
$595 IOS
$400 DLC Entire Pistol
$105 DLC Parts
$150 IOS Plate for RMR
$500 Type 2 RM06 Adjustable 3.25MOA
$620 10 x Wilson/Larry Vickers Steel Base Plate ETM-V Duty Mags
$250 Carbon Fiber Agent 2 Grips

$7,030 TOTAL

I of course understand this is a used handgun and it would have cost less to order a pistol spec’d out exactly like this right away, however my wants changed over time and that is why I sent it in for changes to be made.

The wait time for a new build at the moment is over a year from what I have heard. I had to wait about 5 months for this pistol to make its way back to me so any pistol being sent in for customizations are experiencing extended wait times as well. Save yourself time with this beautiful pistol.

This pistol will come with test fire targets from the factory for both barrels and one target from after the additions were made. It will also come with the original Nighthawk case.

Price is $6,500 $5,200 with shipping to your FFL included.

*Payment will be accepted via a cashiers check from the purchasers bank or via USPS/Western Union money orders. *Funds will need to clear before pistol will be shipped to your FFL of choice.

At this time I am mostly looking for cash offers. I may be interested in partial trades for:
  • Nice threaded .308 WIN bolt action rifle (tikka, bergara, sako)
  • Nice optic for a .308 WIN bolt gun
  • Aimpoint Comp M5
  • Aimpoint T2
  • Trijicon MRO
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. I NEED THIS GONE.

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It saddens me to see a down-turn in your fortunes forcing you to give up your dream 1911 :(

I've been admiring the pistol ever since your first put it up for sale :love: and sincerely wish I could help you, but it's well beyond anything even remotely approaching my budget -sigh-
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