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This was built using a Colt Tier III 100yr Anniversary model in .45acp that was NIB, fully customized by Nighthawk Custom and featured on their website.

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It was refinished in hard chrome. I am not the original owner of this gun and I did not commission the work, but it remains UNFIRED, LNIB. Does have a couple very small nicks in the FSC, asking price reflects condition. . I’m not going to list every customization, you can see the build sheets below....there is four pages worth of work. $3300 $3250 shipped.

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So pretty. Well done too. Asking price minus mods and gun is only a few hundred bucks! Seems kinda petty for NH to do that much work to it and still charge $40 to test fire it.
Seems petty-maybe so… they still have to buy ammo and pay for someone to go shoot it. I’d rather an itemized bill than some vague price but you make a fair point
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