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I’m going to be posting some things for sale due to a recent purchase on this site. Ouch!

Up second, a VERY nice Ladyhawk 45 commander built by Allen Wyatt. This gun was built in 2015 but I am the only owner. I have shot only 200 rounds of factory S&B ammo and this pistol is very tight and accurate. Out of the 20+ hawks I’ve owned this is a top 3 build. The gun is flawless, minus a little knick in the bushing you can see in the one pic. It came this way but it should be easily covered/painted if someone cares to. Anything else seen is oil or dust. The pistol comes with all factory stuff. I can post a test target pic if necessary.

The frame is burnt bronze and the slide and small parts are black nitride.

Asking $2200 shipped insured. As always, I have the right to refuse sale to anyone(unfortunately I have to post this). My feedback is over 60, buy with no worries!


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Hello sir,
This may be a stupid question but is the frame steel or aluminum? Is the burnt bronze cerakote? and last, is the burnt bronze over some other finish? Thank you.

Sorry but I didn't know your name to address you by.

Jim D. - BCD 45
SE Texas
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