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Nighthawk War Hawk 45

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I picked this up from Jess a while back and have only put a few rounds through it. It has one of the best 1911 trigger pulls I've ever felt and the flat trigger (which I love) makes it that much sweeter.

$2700 Shipped FFL to FFL

Thanks for looking,


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I own a stainless War Hawk and it's another great 1911. Extremely accurate and a incredible trigger, as one would expect from Nighthawk. And at this price someone is going to be a very happy camper. Congrats to someone out there...
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Excellent piece and generous price on this Hawk!
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Wow what a deal. Love the flat triggers on these and thankfully it’s not a commander in 9mm or I’d be trying to sell a kid! It doesn’t need to be said but I will he’s a great addict and human. GLWS
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Excellent addict to do bidness with. GLWS!
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KILLA! I truly wish my custom piece was further out...geeze. GLWS!
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RG, any idea how many total rounds have been fired thru it?

What % would you rate the metal condition? Any marks, scratches, or blemishes?

Is that Jardine Battle Hook sights on it?

Thank you sir!

BCD 45
~Jim D.
great gun. fun to shoot.

top notch long time member

glws--should not last long
I will take this per PM's
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