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A few months ago, I posted pics of a refinishing job that was so bad it was almost funny. Just a few days ago, I got my parts back from a different shop. The only downer is that it seems some parts took a fall and got a few dings but I'm just eager to put that whole ordeal behind me. This is my replica-ish of an M45 MEUSOC 1911. I'd been inspired by some posts on this forum so I decided to use what limited tools and space I had in my studio apartment to throw one together. This is the result and I hope you all enjoy!

  • Springfield Mil-Spec 1911 .45 ACP
  • Dehorned
  • Barrel throated, finish reamed
  • 4.5lb trigger pull
  • Matte black oxide finish
  • Matte black Ionbond barrel
  • Novak front sight, .215” height serrated ramp
  • KC’s Custom PWS rear sight
  • KC’s Custom Clark 180/Wilson 66 style beavertail grip safety
  • KC’s Custom Kings 201A style ambi thumb safety
  • KC’s Custom mainspring housing, 20LPI serrated w/ lanyard loop
  • EGW oversized firing pin stop
  • EGW angle bore bushing
  • 10-8 hard pin set
  • Ed Brown slide stop
  • Greider 3-hole long trigger
  • Colt sear spring
  • Colt disconnector
  • Wilson BP extractor
  • Wilson BP retro hammer
  • Wilson BP hammer strut
  • Wilson BP plunger tube
  • Wilson BP tactical magazine release
  • Wilson BP stainless spring guide
  • Wilson A2 deluxe sear
  • Wilson barstock extended ejector
  • Wilson grip screws
  • Pachmayr Signature grips
  • 18.5lb recoil spring, 23lb mainspring


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Quick update for you all, the first time I took it out to the range, I had two failures to feed when chambering the top round out of a full mag, accompanied by that awful "kerchunk" impulse. Kind of a bummer this didn't come up during my test fire before I sent it off for refinishing! I inspected the rounds and saw that they also got a slight indentation close to the case mouth.

I talked it through with @Integrity Arms and Steve graciously gave me some direction and pointers. Yesterday, I profiled the barrel throat some more and fitted an EGW higher mag catch. Today, I went to the range and put 150 trouble-free rounds through the gun and all of the problems/symptoms from the last range trip had been resolved. It's also a very accurate and comfortable gun to shoot so it's been a real joy so far. I'm excited to put some more rounds through and eventually carry this thing!
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