Not a good date for Japan

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    Jun 22, 2015
    Today, April 18th, was not a very good day for Japan two years in a row.

    April 18, 1942 - The Jimmy Doolittle bombing raid on the Japanese homeland (the greater Tokyo area). While physical damage was overall, fairly minimal, it provided America a great propaganda victory and served to boost American morale. It also served to dispel the invincibility of the Japanese home islands as promised by the military forces of the Empire of Japan.

    April 18, 1943 - A year after LTC Doolittle’s B-25 raid, the Americans had broken the Japanese code and intercepted a message that allowed Admiral Yamamoto’s location to be pinpointed along with the exact date and time of his flight schedule. Yamamoto was the planner of the attack on Pearl Harbor and was considered to be Japan’s foremost military tactician. He was killed in a well coordinated American ambush, carried out by P-38s pilots on this date, 76 years ago.

    Five minutes worth of P-38 info:
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    Jan 13, 2017
    The p-38 is my favorite airplane ever, well competing with the sr-71. I know it may not sound quite like a p-51, but it's just such a great aircraft. Thanks for the history lesson.
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    If you want to read about P-38s in the Pacific Theatre, check out the book “Aces High”.
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    As a kid I always loved the P-38. It was just cool looking. Pretty sure I made model of a night fighter version “Black Widow”???? Idk. I’m absolutely sure that if I did make it, It died a hero like most of my other models. In the sights of my Daisy BB gun on my range in the basement. Now that was fun!

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    Feb 22, 2018
    P-61 Black Widow.

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    Feb 3, 2017
    Very cool, thanks for sharing.
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