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I got all of these new from Dawson Precision...........
I bought a bunch of these when I was doing gun work but no longer have a need for them. They are all new and still in the original packages but have been removed and the labeling"cut down" for ease of storage. Each package shows height and width of sight, and has extra fiber rods in Red & Green.
There are three Heinie cut and three Novak cut dovetails and one STI dovetail cut. These sell new for $39.00
1.) Heinie dovetail cut, .140 tall x .125 wide. (There are two of these)
2.) " " " .150 tall x .125 wide.
3.) Novak dovetail cut .170 tall x .125 wide.
4.) " " " .180 tall x .125 wide.
5.) " " " .190 tall x .125 wide.
6.) STI dovetail cut (except Spartan/Targetmaster /GP6) .130 tall x .125 wide.
I also have one Novak dovetail cut .220 tall x.125 wide fiber optic front sight that has been put in a dovetail but removed before use. New these would cost $234.+S&H.

Buy all the above for $100.00 and I'll pay shipping. Thanks for looking.............sorry for the lousy pics.

SANY0001 (2).JPG
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