October 7, 1870 Today in the Old West

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    Elizabethtown, New Mexico the genuine bad a$$ and community leader, Clay Allison, leads an angry mob to the local jail and drag Charles Kennedy, one of New Mexico's first serial killers, from his cell and lynch him high wide and handsome before the local law can do a thing.

    A fanciful and sissified image of Mr. Allison in this youth, I'm going to dredge up a previous post with other pictures to go along with this and describe other infractions of the law he partook in.

    Once hung good and proper Allison took Kennedy's body down from the hanging tree and cut off his head. He impaled the head on a pole and stuck in front of Henry Lambert's saloon in Cimarron, now called the St. James Hotel.

    Here's the St. James in 1873, Cimarron, NM

    And how it appears today.

    Charles Kennedy (cant find a picture) was a big burly mountain man who lived with an Indian woman over near Eagle's Nest. They ran a "bed and breakfast" for travelers on their way to Taos, where Kennedy took to killing his guests, robbing their belongings and burying them in the backyard. They know of 14 people he killed his way and there are suspicions that there were plenty more.

    He made a fatal mistake by stuffing a dead Ute Indian under the floorboards. When the deceased body started going high Kennedy's wife started complaining and this led to a violent domestic dispute which further led to the discovery of the series of killings.

    Elizabethtown, NM mostly a ghost town these days
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    Great post Mouche, love reading them !
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    Good to see you doing your research of this area before your visit. 17 miles to E Town. Was the county seat for many years. Till the gold ran out.
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    Who says I'm coming for a visit, I'm thinking about spending a couple days with @LPRoad working through that two cords of wood that need splitting and then the three day dive bar tour @UBOATDOC promised to take me on. Those boys are thinking they'll live forever and meanwhile Whittington is awaiting, ponies are saddled, horizon is setting out there and I want to see what's on the other side.

    Got to work through them excuses folks come up with not to do something; it's raining, to many snakes, to many Indians, my wife wants to go shopping, to cold, to hot. Forgetting of course that when they lay you down with that .44 at your feet, no body is thinking about your credit card balance or your credit rating, nor that you went to church every Sunday, they don't care how much vacation time you got built up.
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    See ya soon Mouche!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Thanks for posting scaramouche. Enjoyed reading about those glorious days of law and order lol!

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    Good read, it was a wild and wooly time.
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