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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Philip A., May 20, 2019.

  1. Philip A.

    Philip A. Well-Known Member

    Feb 24, 2017
    The Trump administration has just banned Huawei from accessing US technology without a special licence.

    Which includes Google products... Meaning the Android operating system, and Google Store apps.

    In the near future, Huawei phones will not be able to use the newer versions of Android, and will suffer severe limitations in the apps that they can use.

    Gentlemen... Do you remember the time when it was made a capital punishment to sell even an obsolete desktop PC to China? Smuggling Pentiums beyond the bamboo curtain would have gotten you in more trouble than importing a few containers of white powder from Colombia.

    Well, do you know what? The Chinese did not bat an eyelid, said “We gon make our own darn computers, people”, and did.

    Today, the title for the fastest mega-zillion-bytes super-hyper-computer in the world is barely back to the US, after having been held for the last five years by... China. I don’t know how you say “Fcuk your Pentium” in Chinese, but someone sure does.

    So, Android lovers of the world... My bet is that within twelve months, whatever will be the New Fangled Amazing Phone OS will be spelled in Mandarin. And that it will work better than Android.

    Maybe, just maybe, folks in power should learn to read about the past... Just an idea.
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  2. 1911fanatic

    1911fanatic Well-Known Member

    Nov 27, 2011
    Well Android sucks anyway. Feel free to hate and call me an idiot for liking the iPhone. However, it is discouraging to see the chicoms stealing tech and copy catting everything. It’s what they do though. I wonder if they’ve ever had an idea on their own beyond gun powder.

    Again, feel free to hate on me for being an iPhone fan. Beyond an iPhone, crapple can keep their other stuff.

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  3. mikegalway

    mikegalway CEO of DILLIGAF industries Supporting Addict

    Feb 23, 2014
    China's been stealing our tech. , ignoring trademarks and copyrights for years . It's about time we retaliated . They sell knock-offs of all kinds . The latest one I caught is Gibson guitars . China is importing knock-off Les Pauls . They've got the Gibson logo right on the headstock , Les Paul written on truss rod cover . No made in China anywhere obvious .
  4. Razer

    Razer On The Razers Edge Staff Member Admin Moderator Supporting Addict

    Jul 1, 2012
    They didn't "make their own" computers and chips, they stole the technology just like they have done with most of their military applications.
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  5. Slapshot

    Slapshot Well-Known Member

    Sep 6, 2017
    Greedy corporations lured by ridiculous profits gave the Chinese so much information and education in manufacturing. It's been going on for 30+ years and it's shameful. Corporate America and the politicians they own have been selling out this country for a long time. It's about time somebody stood up and did something about it. 2020!
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  6. Babboonbobo

    Babboonbobo Avatar is back to my favorite things!

    Nov 18, 2014
    The responses are accurate! The Chinese didn’t invent ****! They stole it and they’ve stolen MOST of their industrial knowledge. What wasn’t stolen was given to them by greedy bastards! I’ve worked in a bunch of different industries and the Chinese are always nipping at the heals to steal the info and then run with it! They come out ahead because they pay no fees, royalties, taxes or any other thing most legitimate businesses have to!
    They are the best in the world at reverse engineering items and stealing the process:mad: gun powder and swords that’s what they’ve invented, and some porcelain
  7. FWoo45

    FWoo45 Well-Known Member

    Jan 13, 2017
    I'm glad Trump barred them. The security concerns they are associated with are enough for me to never want one. Not an apple fan. I'll stick with my droids.
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  8. Philip A.

    Philip A. Well-Known Member

    Feb 24, 2017
    I wouldn’t want to disappoint healthy anti-whoever feelings, but iPhones are made in China... And run a Samsung processor, which is Korean (and Samsung).

    China also designed, built and operates a quantum computer, which is still a Marvel Comics product almost everywhere in the world.

    They certainly did not have the first idea on many things, but when the “copy” is better than the original, one would be ill-advised to think that the “copier” is a simpleton...
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  9. FWoo45

    FWoo45 Well-Known Member

    Jan 13, 2017
    Agreed. Just don't like the security issues. (I know, I know, they all have security issues). Huawei is just another arm if the commie chicom government IMO.
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  10. 1911fanatic

    1911fanatic Well-Known Member

    Nov 27, 2011
    Yep. Crapple sucks too. Those commies should be making iPhones in commiefornia.

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  11. Capthobo

    Capthobo NRA Endowment member Supporting Addict

    Nov 9, 2016
    When China contracted with Boeing Corp. to purchase a number of aircraft I believe back when Obama was in office the contract called for GE engines and GE was forced under the contract to supply the Chinese with the blueprints for the engines.
    GEee. Wonder why!
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  12. mikegalway

    mikegalway CEO of DILLIGAF industries Supporting Addict

    Feb 23, 2014
    This all goes back to Jimmy Carter , not just a U.S. president , a high ranking member of Tri-Lateral commission .
  13. danc1996

    danc1996 Well-Known Member

    Nov 29, 2016
    China steals tech from everyone including Google. It was controversial when Google said they would start doing business in China but they didn't have a choice. They have a ton of people. If I were to bet they will not (at least not immediately) come out with a response comparable to android. Android is a solid platform and unless they can get third party app makers to make apps, what ever they come up with in the future will die fairly quickly.

    Ps. Long live android

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