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    Aug 18, 2011
    Three men were hiking through a forest when they came upon a

    large, raging violent river. Needing to get on the other side, the first

    man prayed, "God, please give me the strength to cross the river."

    Poof! God gave him big arms and strong legs and he was able to
    swim across in about 2 hours, having almost drowned twice.

    After witnessing that, the second man prayed, "God, please give

    me strength and the tools to cross the river."

    Poof! God gave him a rowboat and strong arms and strong legs

    and he was able to row across in about an hour after almost capsizing

    Seeing what happened to the first two men, the third man prayed,

    "God, please give me the strength, the tools and the intelligence to

    cross the river."

    Poof! He was turned into a woman. She checked the map, hiked
    one hundred yards up stre am and walked across the bridge.
  2. pcar157

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    Jan 22, 2019
    At the start of the day, a cup of coffee, a "limbkiller ism" and I'm on my way! Lovin' it!
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  3. Caspian

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    Sep 18, 2019
    I call BS. I have yet to meet a woman that can read a map. :p
  4. rockittsled

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    Apr 8, 2020
    Same here, I am the naviguessor on our travels since I was taught by my parents at a young age moving from base to base.:nerd:
  5. dasroofr

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    Jul 13, 2019
    When the GPS is taking us on, what seems like, a circuitous route (as it is wont to do), my wife will break out the road atlas....................I cringe..............
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  6. Noel

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    Sep 9, 2018
    I was riding an old road through the woods on my ATV one day and came across this on a sign: Your GPS lied to you.
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