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    Aug 18, 2011
    I met a guy at the gun club who invited me bear hunting. He said he owned one of the best bear hounds in the country, Ol' Blue.

    Well Blue was as good as his reputation and early the first day out he treed a big bear.

    I asked, "Are we going to shoot the bear while he's in the tree?" My friend explained why we shouldn't, the bear might hang up in the tree and it would be difficult to retrieve.

    He said he'd climb the tree an stir the bear up to a point where he fell from the tree. Ol' Blue would grab the bear by the testicles, "He always goes for the testicles." The bear would be paralyzed with pain and we'd just tie him up, taking him alive.

    He gave me his rifle and started to climb. A bit Skeptical I said "If I'm not going to shoot the bear, why'd you give me the rifle?"

    "That's in case I fall out of the tree. If I fall out before the bear, you shoot Ol' Blue.
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