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I found these and bought them, I don't know how practical they would be but they do hold my 1911's snuggly. 1st. pic is a BIANCHI #233 STORM it's different I have no idea why it's open in the front but I thought it was interesting. 2nd pic. BIANCHI #50 "CHAPMAN HI-RIDE". 3rd pic. is a BIANCHI #50P "CHAPMAN" PLUS and BIANCHI #30 "CLIP GRIP" I figured these were some sort of competition style holsters, I couldn't find out to much information on them, but I always liked old leather style holsters, I guess I found another addiction. I bought one more style of holster off of Gunbroker pic#4 it's a ERIC LITTLE- BUFFALO WYO 1911 never seen one but I looked him up and found some information about him, makes some quality holsters but I don't think he's taking anymore orders right now. Thanks for looking and if anyone has some more information about these I would like to know.
Brown Tan Trigger Gun accessory Shotgun
Brown Tan Leather Tool Maroon
Brown Tan Leather Maroon Liver
Brown Tan Maroon Leather Liver
Brown Tan Leather Maroon Beige
Brown Tan Maroon Leather
Brown Yellow Photograph Tan Home game console accessory
Brown Amber Tan Beige Felidae
Brown Yellow Tan Khaki Beige

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I used the open front one back in the old ipsc days early 80's
I still have two "Askins Avengers" commander length and Gov't length.
That I still use on a regular basis for EDC. the work great hold the gun well and hold gun tight to the body.
Nice find!
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