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    Oct 15, 2011
    Went to the Westland Mall gun show yesterday and loaded up on ammo. Since I'm a noob I checked out a lot of stuff and came away with some cleaning supplies and a flashlight.

    It's an OLight i6 Paladin. 420 lumins with low/high settings. Advertised retail was something like $80-$90 and the show sale was $74.99.

    It's bright (my wife is still seeing spots from when I said "Hey Honey, check out my new flashlight")
    Uses lithium batteries
    Small, but not too small
    Just high & low beams, nothing else (I do not need tactical features such as strobes, etc.)
    Outperforms my 10 different Harbor Freight ($3.99) LED mini-flashlights


    Actually, the price. I checked it out on-line for reviews and prices (when I got home) and found Amazon sells it for $60 with free super-saver shipping

    Since I am considering defensive handgun training in the future, I wanted a good flashlight as many of those courses require the use of one.

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