Olight Valkyrie 2:Sold ALLAN PUTMAN GREEN LINEN MICARTA SCALES for PM2: Available

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    Jun 17, 2018
    For sale: Olight Valkyrie 2 weapon light. This light hasn’t seen one shot and is like new with box, torx key and pic rail & Glock rail inserts.

    This light puts out 1200 Lumens and would make a nice addition to a full size Pistol, AR pistol, AR 15, Scorpion, Sub Guns with it high intensity lights to a momentary, constant & strobe settings. This light is a heavy hitter.

    $90 (OLIGHT VALKYRIE 2 is SOLD) Tracked & Priority Shipped to your door. Will accept PP or Venmo, (Prefer F&F option otherwise buyer responsible for additional 4% fees + full cost of light.

    For Sale: a set of Allen Putman Green Micarta scales for a Spyderco Paramilitary 2; Had tried them out and I had decided to go with a different theme, The scales are a precision fit with a cool waving pattern through the scale. These run $90 at knife retailers

    $80 Tracked & Priority Shipped. ACCEPT PP OR VENMO (Prefer buyer using Friends & Family otherwise buyer will be responsible for any additional 4% fees + full cost of item.

    DM me for inquiries. (Pistol & Knife not included.)

    Thanks for looking.

    CFAD8EF5-44EF-45AA-8F38-32CA4B9947D6.jpeg 8DE9CF63-8B31-4E97-AD1B-92161A67E6D4.jpeg View attachment 243849 B0273FDB-BF01-407F-9F8C-ACA57BAEF316.jpeg 8FCED774-20C0-4C31-B116-648E10036CCD.jpeg D64160D9-F9CB-4297-827C-A7F8CDB000F3.jpeg 2815331C-731F-4CDA-B0C6-19878CF091C5.jpeg 9F80465C-6662-42F5-B4C5-C1E0A2FA695A.jpeg View attachment 243861 F83735BD-3C71-4E0F-A06C-5CEC86B17EAA.jpeg
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