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    Durning the revolution, George Washington was leading his 100 men on a long march to the next battle. It was a cold, windy, snowy night. He huddled them up and said, "Men, before this night is over, I promise you a hot meal, and a warm place to stay". As they marched on they came upon a farmers house. George knocked on the door. The Old farmer answered the door and asked what he wanted. George said, " I have 100 men out here that I promised a hot meal and a warm place to sleep, what can you do for me?" The farmer said he only had room for one man, cuz he was full up with other fighting men... George frowned and looked back at his men and thought, who will I pick? He noticed Sargent Cox shaking in the wind, wounded from the previous nights battle. "Sargent Cox will stay here tonight"
    George and his men marched on. A short time later they came upon a Huge house with all the lights on. Little did George know, but this was a House of ill repuet!! He knocked on the door, and a beautful Madam answered, " Well honey, what can I do for YOU?" Poor George still didn't get it, and asked the Madam, "I have a few men out here that I promised a hot meal and a warm bed for the night. Can you help me out?" The Madam's eye's grew to the size of half dollars and asked, "How many Men do you have?" George looks back at his men and says, "Well, I have 99 men without Cox" The Madam repled............."YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING!"
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    made my day much better LK . thanks
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