Our Justice System

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    Clearly her blind and autistic son was the victim.

    Question is, did the Mother kill him, with an O.D. and lack of food, water and medicine he needed. I want to say YES.
    With that said, the Mother now say she was abducted and had her leg & jaw broken from the abduction. Also, according to the USATODAY story, she has words like "SNITCH" and other things written on her body in lace she could not have reached by herself. That if believed would line up with the abduction claim.

    Here is my problem with her story. She want you to believe the police at the time of her arrest and following interrogation (where she admitted to killing her son) did not realize or see she had a broken leg and jaw. I find that really hard to believe.

    Seem to me, she is make up a story so she can live with the actions of her past resulting in her son's tragic death.

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