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P-DPO w/Ice comp in a duty holster - Safariland ALS/SLS

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Because the barrel plug has to be removed, due to the comp, the pistol has about 1/2“ of play when holstered. Not ideal.
I knew I’d have to tinker with the 6390 holster as soon as I ordered the pistol, and I was ok with that. I saw several different options online, but I don’t think I saw one set up how I ended up doing it. I just wanted to pass along what I did, in case it helps someone else. Or maybe you’ll expand on it.

I took a small piece of kydex and molded a little dome to fit where the flashlight cap was. It resembled the plastic cap on a soda bottle, then I used a few little rivets to secure it. I put a thin piece of foam on the inside, contacting the lens.
It was my first iteration, but seemed to work great. The pistol clicks in as soon as it bottoms out with no play. I could probably do a better job my second time around, but this will work until it doesn’t.
anyways, like I said, just a free idea. Simple and cheaper than the $250 shop versions.

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Any issues with the ALS catching on the compensator during the draw?
Any issues with the ALS catching on the compensator during the draw?
not yet, but I haven’t done any fast drills with it. I have only been able to get out to the range one time, which was before I did the work.
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