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Had a few minutes while out running errands to pitstop at the indoor range.

115gr Blazer aluminum cased


P229 DA/SA 75 rounds at center. DA pull w/ doubles. Repeated throughout the 5 magazine.

Optic zero way low. Made rough adjustment at range...not enough. Adjs. do not click or have any type of feel. Needed cheater glasses (not available at range) to better adj.

Gun otherwise ran fine. The SA pulls are clean breaking, no complaints.

TRS-C up next. 52 rounds, same ammo, same distance.
Double-taps to head.
Zero issues.
Trigger feel is very much to my liking.

Back home I sprayed both guns with Gibbs, then a decent wipedown and some Q-tip action.

Cleaned up well. Wear looked even.

Some copper left on the feed ramps that Gibbs doesn't remove. Smooth ramp surfaces.

Reassembled & hit with more Gibbs.

Ready for next weekend.

That optic zero irks me. I'll make sure I have what I need to make adj at the range next time.

· born in the wrong century
10,757 Posts
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Great,,,,just GREAT! I miss my 229 Legion SO MUCH!!! And you have to go and post this!!

And......you shot yours much, much better than I do. :)

I'm sure of that. (y)

I was sucking today. I was meatfisting the DA pulls and subconsciously correcting for the optic being off when I should have simply used it as a drill to forget the optic and utilize the great sights that Sig provided.
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