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Here is what I am calling my Gray Guns Springer VTAC.

- VTAC slide milled for standard P320 4.7 barrel
- Springer Precision Solid guide rod with 14# 1911 spring
- Gray Guns grip frame
- Springer Precision EDC magwell
- Gray Guns Hybrid Adjustable Hard Duty Use curved trigger
- Gray Guns Competition trigger kit with intermediate springs
- Springer .025 magazine base
- TruGlow Fiber Optic sights (green rear - red front)

This setup provides a trigger pull that is slightly over 4# with minimal reset that is smooth as glass and the gun handles really well with the smaller mag well and extended base plates.

The only thing I would like to add at some point is the grip weight.

All in all I really like this setup and the build came about with really parts I had around from other P320's.

I am giving Gray Guns props on making this come to fruition. I called their customer service department a few weeks back with a question on the Hybrid Adjustable Trigger. I was not able to connect and later that week on Friday night I get a call late in the evening. It is none other than Bruce Gray apologizing for them not responding to me quickly.

We spoke for a little bit and I got my questions answered. He thanked me for my patience and said something about a "care package". Well on Saturday an envelope with the trigger and the full competition package (including both comp and intermediate springs) showed up!

Thanks again Bruce!


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I don't know anything about P320s but it sure looks cool!
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