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    Nov 27, 2011
    Very nice pistol. I'm the second owner. This pistol was manufactured in Canada in August 2000. It was originally purchased by a gentleman residing in Arizona who advised me he only fired 100 to 150 rounds through it for reliability testing and it was 100% reliable in his testing.

    When I purchased the pistol it had 2 small rust spots - one spot was just under the hammer spur and the other was on the top right of the beavertail grip. Both weren't readily noticeable and you have to look to see them. The beavertail picture shows the tiny rust spot - the brown spot on the picture is the spot - and no it doesn't look like that - I rubbed it with oil and it looks near enough to normal.

    I've fired 400 rounds through it. The 14 round clip probably needs a new spring and I have one ordered from Wolff but with the holidays everything is backed up and I was advised they might ship the 1st week of the new year. The 10 round mag is still tight and you can only get 9 rounds in the mag - I haven't tried to force 10.

    Bluing is great as you can see by the pictures - the fuzz at the bottom of the slide on the pictures is a very thin film of grease, as I grease the

    Price is $550.00 shipped and your FFL must accept the pistol from an individual.

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