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    Fred and Betty, an elderly couple were driving down the highway when a trooper pulls them over. Fred says to Betty, keep your mouth shut, I'm driving, I'll handle this as he rolls the window down.
    The trooper asks for his license and informs Fred that he pulled him over for speeding. "I don't understand, I had the cruise control set at the speed limit" says Fred. Betty interjects with; "Honey, you know this old heap doesn't have cruise control." Fred shoots her a look as the trooper asks why Fred doesn't have his seat belt on. "I just unbuckled to get my wallet and license out. Betty interrupts;"Seriously never wear your seat belt" "Will you please shut the #++=! up" Fred shouts'
    The trooper bends down, looks across at the old gal and asks if her husband always talks to her that way. "Oh No" she replies "Only when he's been drinking."
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