Picked up a Baer Boss

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Primal19, Apr 3, 2019.

  1. Primal19

    Primal19 Well-Known Member

    Jan 13, 2019
    A0FD9777-F9CC-4170-B94F-38F13C3EA7DD.jpeg 487F7E5E-28F1-443C-B98A-3F758D970141.jpeg

    picked up a Les Baer Boss. Came with a blended magwell, Baer Shooter grips, extended mag release and a custom 2lb trigger. Got it used but has virtually no wear. Still has the traditional Baer tight fit and attention to detail. Looking forward to shooting it this weekend. My first thought upon receiving it was that I want another Baer.
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  2. gun_fan111

    gun_fan111 Well-Known Member

    Mar 23, 2014

  3. Joseph Krezdorn III

    Joseph Krezdorn III Member

    Dec 21, 2018
    Nice. I've been thinking about one of these.
  4. Cop_Out

    Cop_Out Pearl Pimp Supporting Addict

    Feb 3, 2017
    Congratulations! It's surprising to me, but my Baer is quickly becoming my favorite gun. I might look into getting one of those guns.
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  5. WC145

    WC145 Every day is Saturday and every night's a party!

    Jan 1, 2013
    The Boss is an outstanding pistol, I couldn't be happier with mine. I'd be damn careful that 2lb trigger, that's crazy light.
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  6. WC145

    WC145 Every day is Saturday and every night's a party!

    Jan 1, 2013
    Now's your chance - https://www.1911addicts.com/threads/les-baer-boss-45-ct.68207/
  7. BigSkyGuy

    BigSkyGuy Well-Known Member

    Dec 25, 2018
    I think my favorite 1911 is my TRS...it just speaks to me.
  8. Skebo

    Skebo Active Member

    Mar 6, 2019
    That’s a Baer that I would like to own. I like that one because it doesn’t have an Ambi safety
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  9. fallenangelhim

    fallenangelhim chicken wings

    Jan 18, 2018
    Why did you do that? Now you’re going to be a crackhead trying to buy more LBs. Great looking pistol!
  10. Brianfede

    Brianfede Well-Known Member

    Sep 11, 2018
    Congrats but now you need a 38 super!!!

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