Picked Up a New Tavor SAR 9mm....

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    Jan 9, 2018
    I wasn't necessarily in the market for a Tavor specifically...I have been noodling on expanding my interests into the Pistol Caliber Carbine space a bit...and this was one of the options I had been looking at. With the launch of the IWI X95, the SAR leftovers are still supported, but fewer and further between (and also a good bit less expensive).

    My LGS has had one on the wall for a while and I have been noodling on it....so this week I decided to pull the trigger and see what gives. As a disclaimer, the "justification" is I want a compact rifle/carbine in a pistol caliber for Home Defense. My neighbors are close (houses are close together in my new neighborhood) and there are LOTS of kids around on both sides of us. Our previous residence was more spread out, and mostly just adults. Given that change of environment, 5.56mm seems a bit potentially overpowered and I REALLY don't want any accidents due to over-penetration if the worst happens. Also the new house is older (nearly 100) and rooms are smaller - it's not an open floor plan...so the less overall length, the better. The Tavor gives me 9mm pistol caliber, 17in barrel....and it is the approximate size of an AR SBR/pistol.

    I am a lefty so I endeavored to make the changes myself (almost a mistake) since the 9mm doesn't require a headspaced lefty bolt like the 5.56 version does (just moving internal parts from side to side). It was not the easiest job since I wasn't familiar with the platform...but now that I have done it, doing so again wouldn't be any big imposition. There are a lot of pins to knock out to shuffle things around but overall it wasn't hateful. The only real hiccup is the lack of comprehensive instructions/videos that cover the topic for the SAR (there is a good one for the X95). Since the internals are swappable, the X95 video was ok for the internal changes, and a Tavor SAR detail strip video squared that circle. For those who are curious...yes the barrel lock can be manipulated without the IWI lock-wrench. Yes....buy the $14 wrench and call it a day. Don't be penny-wise and pound-foolish...manipulating that lock is NOT fun. Long story short, I got through the swap and didn't have any spare parts...so I was reasonably confident the rifle would function when I took it out to fire today.

    Now to the fun part...the rifle is a BLAST to shoot. The trigger on the Tavors get a lot of criticism...but I have to say other than being heavy (and it is - they tend to average 11-11.5 lbs) my copy is not gritty, and has a clean predictable break. The pull is a little long, but otherwise it is completely fine for a "service grade" rifle...I may or may not look to upgrade it, but given it didn't bother me or impact my accuracy...I just don't see the need at this point. 200 flawless Blazer Brass 115gr went downrange today. Given the weight of the rifle and the length of the barrel....recoil is basically non-existent. A step further....it is basically impossible to miss whatever one is aiming at (given the sights are pointing it in the right direction). I only shot out to 25yds, and sighted for that distance (irons and my Eotech) but even shooting as fast as I could pull the trigger, groups were extremely tight, and if I was taking a little more time, they were darn near punching clover-sized holes through 10-15 round strings. I can't wait to take this beast out again and finish breaking it in so I can get it "on-duty." I think this platform and 9mm are an excellent paring. Time will tell if I decide to purchase one of the caliber swap kits...hard to argue against but I do have a carbine already...so this proposition may seem to be redundant.
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    Sep 23, 2018
    Nice review. I've always wanted a Tavor. An 11 pound trigger on a rifle is ridiculous.

  3. tgoldie00

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    Jan 9, 2018
    allegedly, a solid 4-5lbs of that is in the trigger return spring, which many remove to lower the weight. It is a redundancy against grit/grime/sand native to the region so it certainly has its purpose. I didn't have any issues as a result of pull weight so I will leave as-is for now.

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